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Filling in the gaps with PreAct

Updated on Jul 05, 2012 | Happening now,Work in progress | 0 comments |

Care Software Solutions, a company based in Oosterbeek (The Netherlands), is about to officially become PreAct Professionals. To maximize the advantages of changing not […]

The Olympic Design Exercise

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As the London Olympics are upon us the media buzz around the subject has grown bigger. It’s only normal for […]

Waiting for Ted Simon

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We are waiting for Ted Simon to drop by our office for a long creative session regarding the design and […]

Queen’s Day in Amsterdam

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Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag in Dutch) is maybe the largest national celebration that takes place all around the country. Except for […]

Koentact has a new website

Updated on Apr 17, 2012 | Events,Happening now,Project launched | 0 comments |

Some time ago we were telling you in a different article about this new project we were excited to start working at. […]

Start your engines. Go!

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And here we are, ready for a new year!Hold on a sec, you’ll say, I thought we’ve past this “Happy […]

The anatomy of an interface

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Part of a bigger long-term project that we are rolling out for PreAct Professionals B.V., the face-lift for their web […]

Let it snow!

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It’s snowing. Heavy! The first real snow this winter. The feeling is what the Dutch might call gezellig. Cozy would […]

Touch base with Koentact

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It’s always surprising that after so many years of working in the field of graphic design and visual identity, we […]

Let’s cross the bridge

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Now that the New Year is upon us, we wish you to cross the bridge between the years with a […]