What we do

First, we listen and understand what our clients have to say. We “get” them: their vision, personality and identity. Then we get to work, doing our best to express all the above through visually-effective communication. In short, this is what we do:

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By analyzing your identity and brand with the help of several models and tools, we can get to the essence of your business and your brand. From that point on we can offer advice concerning your communication and brand positioning, so that your business can base its communication strategy on solid ground.
After analyzing the identity and brand, we can go further and propose a communication strategy to fit your goals. This includes objectives, strategy and tactics, timeline, proposed tools and channels, recommended media and estimated budget.
Your visual identity is the sum of all the physical representations of the brand identity: its graphical elements and ideas applied to all the physical elements of your brand: online presence, printed materials, office environment, your staff and their behaviour, your product and services, and any other aspect your company is involved in.
The message is the most important when you want to say something to your audience. Message creation is both a craft and an art, having to combine two essential elements: the abstract idea of the message and the concrete words, images and objects that make it alive.
If you decide that a communication campaign is the right way to go, we can help you with that. By thinking out a strategy for your campaign, you can step out into the world with a clear plan. One that includes a clear message, the communication channels it should go through, the media, the timeline and all the how-to’s you need to know to implement a successful campaign.
Your online strategy is “the way to go” for online presence. Every company has different needs and purpose for their online presence. Audience profiles also play an important role in the purpose and message of your website. We analyze these first and then come up with a plan that says what your online presence is all about, and how it needs to be implemented.
An online presence is more than the whole range of online channels you own and use (including websites, blogs, social platforms, etc.). Your online presence is the integration and intersection of all these channels, regarding look-and-feel, functionality and user experience. We can make this integration happen, while keeping it in-line with your visual identity.
Here is the nitty-gritty of online presence: your website. This is basically the backbone of any other activity you might have online, the “home” of every online exploration. Your website is what you come back to at the end of the day, and it should express everything that has to do with your identity and online purpose. Identra can make that happen, so that you feel at home and proud of it every time you open your door to the audience.
Social media is on everybody’s lips nowadays. But what can you use it for? What is the purpose and aim of each channel? How can you use social channels to develop your online presence? These are questions that a well-built strategy for your social media can answer.
Storytelling is as old as humanity, but in the same time it is the next big thing. To have a good story to tell and realise that you have it is like holding a treasure. Our role is to help you identify your stories and guide you through the process of telling them. The audience will always listen to and share a good story. As the old saying “an image is worth more than a thousand words”, we would say that a good story is worth more than images or words.”