Our new website is live!

We all heard that the shoemaker doesn’t have time to make his own shoes. Right or wrong, the saying goes for many languages and cultures, or at least for the ones where shoes are used as a means to protect their feet. That is, if the shoes are not merely a fashion statement.

I’m not planning to show you the shoes that we wear at the office. I just want you to know that we’ve overthrown the saying above. As it’s only normal for designers and professional business communicators like us, we’ve just put on a new pair of shoes. As of today, we have a new website!

Big happy smiles on our faces. Months after months of hard work are now made public and have a life of their own.

At the same time the new website is an integrated part of our new visual identity as a reflection of our improved services. An identity system that reveals itself step by step around the core idea of our company. As our company name implies, we are an ENTRANCE point to IDEAS and IDENTITIES. Take a look at our business cards to get the big picture.

As soon as things settle from the winter holiday rush, we’ll be posting an article showcasing (why not?) our own identity system. This way you’ll be able to see how we present ourselves as well as how we think about visual communication as a powerful tool to present a business.

Don’t be shy and push the buttons below if you like what you see.