Filling in the gaps with PreAct

Care Software Solutionsa company based in Oosterbeek (The Netherlands), is about to officially become PreAct Professionals. To maximize the advantages of changing not only their name but also their market strategy, we are working on a full rebranding program. The new visual identity is driven by a new business proposition and will mark the change from a product-oriented strategy towards a service-focused one.

At the core of  their business is PreAct Verzuim – a powerful web application specialized in keeping track of the work absenteeism related issues within any type of company. Being build upon the specifics of the Dutch Work Law, the platform helps management understand – in real time – how to make the most out of the human resources available within the company.

We like to say that PreAct Verzuim is filling in the gaps. By generating detailed reports the platform helps managers understand the big picture. Filling in the gaps is also the main concept on which the new multi-layered identity system is based. Have a quick look at the teaser below and see how it will work.

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