Start your engines. Go!

And here we are, ready for a new year!
Hold on a sec, you’ll say, I thought we’ve past this “Happy New Year” period, some four months ago. Even the Chinese New Year is long gone, so what got into you now?

If you have gasoline in your blood, you already know the answer to that. It’s the beginning of a new season in motor-sports. And from our perspective the kick-off was not Formula 1, but the start of a smaller and younger competition for single-seaters – namely the F.I.A. Formula 2 Championship. The reason we keep a watchful eye on this series is that we are closely involved in providing the visual communication means to the Romanian driver Mihai Marinescu. As he aims to win the championship this year, we anticipate that things will become quite heated on the track.

To support his objective, we designed a new logo, the car livery and the race suit Mihai will wear this year.

But this is not all! We have more goodies in our bag to help Mihai Marinescu with his promotion efforts to both fans and potential sponsors. We’ll definitely keep you posted on the new items Identra will create for Mihai’s campaign, as soon as they are implemented.

Being a technical partner certainly comes with some advantages: we have our own spot on Mihai’s car, just in front of his driving wheel! 

Photo credit: Thomas Campean