Waiting for Ted Simon

We are waiting for Ted Simon to drop by our office for a long creative session regarding the design and implementation of his new website.

Ted is a living legend. No exaggeration here. What better attribute to use in order to describe the man who traveled twice around the world on a motorcycle?

Imagine him being on unbeaten roads for years on. Experiencing first-hand the paranoia of wars, absurd imprisonment, broken bones, miles and miles of fatigue, but in the same time also enjoying the simple complexity of the human soul, the beauty of unspoiled landscapes, the re-discovery of love.

And after all this he came out wiser and having a strong desire to do it all over again. Only to discover that in the meantime the world has changed and shifted under his feet.

Ted put both his journeys around the world into three books that you’ll be able to buy on the upcoming website, along with the rest of his insightful writings.

At the age of 81, Ted Simon is still riding high in the saddle of his motorcycle. The Journey continues.