Sherwood & Associates-from logo to full identity package

We started working with Sherwood & Associates back in 2010 by redesigning the company’s logo. The result, as you can see below, bears a shape that echoes a key hole while basking in the warm sun rays. It is a symbol meant to express the same idea as the company tagline: “finding solutions to difficult challenges”.

While the initial project didn’t come out in the form of a full identity package, the Sherwood & Associates logo was featured in the LogoLounge Master Library, Volume 3. However, a few months ago we were pleasantly surprised by the owner of the company who asked us to implement an integrated visual style, together with print items and a complete new online presence.

Here’s a sneak peek into the creative process and the current stage of the new identity development:

Secondary graphic devices / Visual style elements

Visual style element Visual style element

Typographic elements within the visual style

Website design and development

Considering S&A are mainly active in what is called the “destinations management” sector by mostly undertaking revitalization projects of touristic and cultural sites, our main approach concentrated around the concept of “dynamic paths”. We see the graphic devices we designed as a visual expression of the company’s flexibility when confronted with the specifics of their activity.

The design elements we use help create a feeling of fluid architectural order. At the same time they resemble terrain elevation mappings since the projects that Sherwood & Associates handles are both architectural and site-seeing related projects.

The project’s due date is in two weeks’ time, so if you’re interested to see the full result just keep an eye on this page or even better, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin and you’ll be the first to know.