Our story

Art meets business

This is the story of two people from different professional backgrounds – art and business – who decided they could make a difference for the small and medium-sized business owners.

From bits and pieces to the big picture

We started working together as Adrian and Sabina back in 2005. Adrian as designer and Sabina as web developer. After a couple of successful projects we realized that we could help our clients so much more, that our combined skills and knowledge was exactly the right blend needed to add value to our customers. We could see the big picture for ourselves, and that’s exactly what we were going to offer for our clients as well.

The “entrance” point to your identity

We started over in 2007 under the name Identra. The new name for our partnership was a parallel to the new focus of our business. Our new mission was to offer an ENTRANCE point to the IDENTITY of our customers. It was not about logos, house style and websites anymore. It was about creating communication tools with purpose: to represent the true identity and goals of our clients.

So what’s the catch?

Normally small and medium-sized businesses do not have large budgets for communication, or at least not the budgets required by any communication agency for an integrated communication project. So SME owners end up having to compromise: they have to give up the “big picture” for a couple of well-designed graphics. However, a logo and a website does not answer the main question to their problem: what is the purpose of my communication channels and what do I want to achieve with them?

Our purpose is to make SME owners aware that we need to answer this question, before turning to graphics. This is where we add value. And it doesn’t come with a budget that will bleed your pockets dry. That’s the catch.

Where do we go from here?

We never stop learning. We wouldn’t want to. That’s what makes us come up with new ideas and approaches.

If you worked with us before and have more “homework” for us now, don’t be surprised if we view your project from a completely different perspective than we used to. As the world turns and changes, so do we. There’s only one constant that remains unchallenged: the certainty that we always do our very best to make your communications work perfectly.