Updated on Jul 29, 2007

For over 10 years Alcazar has been an important regional dealer of automatic systems for doors and gates in Romania, their featured product being sectional garage doors. The main challenge for Alcazar back in 2006 was to renew its visual identity to match its own vision and values, while appealing to its vast and diverse audience from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

The main key words for Alcazar’s identity were “quality”, “technical focus” and “customized solutions”. Identra went to work and re-designed the logo of the company to emphasize these ideas, while offering a hint for their featured product (sectional garage doors) by carving it in the shape of the logo. The visual style and other branded materials that followed borrowed shapes and lines from the logo, maintaining the sense of technical focus with a twist.

To fully explore the new online and social media development in the Romanian society, we are currently in the process of re-thinking the online presence of Alcazar. The new website and other online channels are scheduled to go live in January 2012.

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