Updated on Aug 18, 2010

Cognida is all about offering their clients the necessary peace of mind when it comes to intellectual property rights. While this might seem fairly clear, the company struggled with the ambiguity of their main business and the lack of knowledge about this particular service among the general audience.

To solve the problem, we needed to step into their clients’ shoes and imagine ourselves in the fuzzy world of copyrights and trademarks, while looking for a way to make it all clear. The result was a logo that triggers a powerful reaction of certainty, clarity and positive, magnetic focus. All this is placed against a background of fuzzy clutter, representing the general feeling of lack of knowledge in this domain.

Featured Work

LogoLounge Master Library Volume 4

The Cognida logo was featured in the LogoLounge article “2010 Trends” and will be included in the “LogoLounge Master Library Volume 4 – 3000 Typography and Enclosures” which will be released in January 2012.

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