De Pit Stop

Updated on Sep 20, 2010

De Pit Stop Motorhuis is a business created from the heart and passion of one man: Paul Soetens. Paul is a professional mechanic and his passion for motorcycling inspired him to start this business back in 1993. In 2007 he decided to renew the look-and-feel of his company and Identra seemed to be the perfect choice since we, at Identra, also have a long history of enjoying the two-wheeled sport.

The idea for the new visual identity was to express De Pit Stop as a highly personal business driven by passion, while also positioning it as the “Kawasaki specialist”. So “going Kawasaki” was one of the major challenge of this project. The well-known kawasaki green became an opportunity to position De Pit Stop as a market leader for Kawasaki sales and maintenance in the Arnhem area. The preliminary market research also showed that the green color was not used by any of its competitors.

The approach we chose is both technical and emotional, as in the catch phrase “pure passion for motorcycles”. The new logo featuring the Kawasaki green as well as the mechanical heart are both visual clues for understanding the identity. These two symbols were consistently implemented on all of the communication tools of De Pit Stop, offering the right means to express the company’s dreams and beliefs.

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