Mihai Marinescu

Updated on Aug 10, 2011
Mihai Marinescu is a talented Romanian racing driver. His best performance in 2011 was a 1st place at Monza, as a driver in F.I.A. FormulaTwo Championship. As for the current 2012 season in the same FormulaTwo, he has been so far four times on the podium, two times as a winner.  Prior to our collaboration, Mihai Marinescu was running a basic personal blog writing about every race he had, his own thoughts and future plans. Although it was a good way to communicate with his fans, the old blog was not a real integrated “online presence” and it did not speak to the other audience he aimed for: his sponsors.

As we took in the project, the aim was to help boost Mihai’s reputation through a relevant online presence that would appeal to both his fans and his sponsors.

The result? We created a web-platform where Mihai and his team can easily update race information, rankings, race videos and photos, blog entries, as well as information intended for his current and prospect sponsors. By integrating Mihai’s new website with his Facebook fan page, Twitter account and YouTube channel, we developed a new online entity that is easier to navigate, share, follow, and become part of.

Facebook awareness campaign

Further down the road, (or should we say “race-track”?) we’ve put together a Facebook campaign based on a contest targeted towards the fans. As a prize, the winner of each stage of the contest gets a photo signed by our driver. The contest takes place every racing weekend and evolves around a set of words composed by Mihai, each of them being unique and specific to the racing circuits where Mihai competes. These key phrases are then posted on Facebook using a recognisable design. To take part in the contest one must share the message with friends on Facebook. The aim of the entire campaign is to gain awareness among younger fans using Facebook as their preferred social tool. And we’re proud to say that it’s working, as more and more people become aware of Mihai’s career in motosport and his official Facebook page gets new Likes every day.

Goodies for the fans

Using the same messages as for the Facebook campaign, we create for each race a set of wallpaper desktops available for download right from his website. Also, we have “special editions” every time our driver wins a race. As you can imagine, we love to do those and so far this year, Mihai gave us two reasons to create special desktops!

Project related links

Here’s a short video we made in the Formula2 paddocks, with Mihai Marinescu preparing ahead of the races at Spa-Francorchamps. No musical soundtrack for this one – the only music you’ll hear are the sounds made by the 425bhp engines.