Updated on Nov 12, 2008

The whole idea behind Travelsmart is to encourage and inspire people to carpool and travel in new creative ways that save energy and lower traffic pollution.

Identra was asked to create a new logo for this project back in 2006. We realized that carpooling is more than saving energy and cutting travelling expenses. It was about social interaction, meeting new people, communicating, making new friends and having a happier social life. Challenged by these two facets of the idea, we came up with a logo that expresses both, in the very simple, straight-forward manner of a smile. The logo was then applied on stationery items that preserved the smart idea behind the project with the help of special visual cues.

Secondly, there was the need for branding the cars taking part in the Travelsmart program in a non-intrusive manner – these cars are privately owned, so a very discrete and yet easy to identify device had to be put in place.