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Koentact has a new website

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Some time ago we were telling you in a different¬†article¬†about this new project we were excited to start working at. […]

Touch base with Koentact

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It’s always surprising that after so many years of working in the field of graphic design and visual identity, we […]

Sherwood & Associates-from logo to full identity package

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We started working with Sherwood & Associates back in 2010 by redesigning the company’s logo. The result, as you can […]

Revitalizing the Alcazar online presence

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The online landscape of the Romanian audience has shifted entirely in the last couple of years. Social networks have become […]

Mihai Marinescu

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Mihai Marinescu is a talented Romanian racing driver. His best performance in 2011 was a 1st place at Monza, as […]


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Offering financial services and advice in a country already cluttered with such services is not an easy task. However, Beank […]

Costa del Sol Apartments

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Costa Del Sol Apartments is an apartment-renting business on the sunny southern coast of Spain. When Identra was asked to […]

Stress Management

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Karen Belshaw is a professional psychologist who runs a business specialized in a modern-day niche market: stress training. Stress Management […]

Care Software

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A young, ambitious company searching for the right image to represent its true identity, Care Software Solutions required a friendly […]

Carpe Diem

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Everything at Carpe Diem is about offering children a daily enriching experience of learning and interaction that would shape the […]